Is polystyrene the best packaging material?

Polystyrene balls are some of the best plastics used for packaging today. And it’s all because of good reasons. Here are the reasons why polystyrene is the best packaging material.

  • It’s a thermoplastic

One of the main physical properties of polystyrene balls is that they are thermoplastic. This because the material remains solid at room temperature but becomes a liquid when heated to a specific point. It can, therefore, be moulded into greater detail including packaging materials in different shapes. Because of this, it can be used for packaging any type of goods.

  • Lightweight and shock absorber

Polystyrene packaging is very lightweight. To add to this, it is also a very good shock absorber. The reason for this is that polystyrene balls are 90 percent air. This makes if very ideal as a packaging material. This lightweight material allows for easy transportation even as it absorbs lots of shocks. This helps protect fragile goods from damage.

  • Insulation

Polystyrene balls are very excellent insulators. The material prevents thermal transfer. Thus when used as a packaging material polystyrene can prevent heat from flowing to the goods. The goods will remain fresh regardless of the conditions outside.

There seems to be no reason why you shouldn’t use Vertapak products.